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Kelly Khumalo S K I N

Kelly Khumalo SKIN serum utilizes our exclusive potent peptide blend with natural aloe and other components to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. This triggers a powerful regeneration process and activates the body’s stem cells containing 94 polypeptides used to restore and repair damaged human DNA cells.

We have found a way to awaken youthful cell memories back to their active and healthy lifestyle, leading to younger and more vivacious skin. Our customers deserve the purest and highest quality ingredients, and that’s exactly what formulations delivers.

Reduces signs of aging lines and wrinkles
Restores skin structure, elasticity and firmness
Reconstructs collagen naturally
Effective at reducing acne, scarring and uneven skin tone, restoring natural glow
Supports skin against oxidative stress caused by overexposure to harsh African sunlight
Assist with excess oil on skin
Softens and smooths the skin
Lightweight but deep penetrating hydrating the skin leaving it restored, plumped, and glowing
Assists with healthy inflammation management, reducing redness and irritation that can also be associated with sun exposure
Rich in nutrients
Anti-inflammatory actives
Retain water in the skin cells making your skin feel plumper and softer

Ideal for all skin types

Use once daily. Pump small amount of serum to fingertips and gently apply to skin. Allow serum to absorb naturally

Key Ingredients
Aloe, Golden Seaweed Extract, Allantoin, BQA, Vit E, Witch Hazel

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